Life's Unattainables


When we saw this picture (reblogged from ffffound), our immediate thought was “We want some of that, yes please.” But there was no brand name or model number included in the post, so we were dubious. Was it just another of those “design concepts” that people are always posting, super-desirable products that tantalize us but are not actually available for purchase?

A little research reveals that the answer is both no and yes. What you see above is the Legno turntable, produced by the Italian company Montegiro. You can actually buy it. For $13,240. In other words, you can’t actually buy it.

We have heard of aficionados who spend $30,000 on just the right kind of speaker wire, so who knows? Maybe $13,240 is a bargain price in the rarified world of high-end audio. But until Walter White breaks into our house and leaves a huge pile of cash on our ottoman, we’ll have to add the Legno to the long list of life’s unattainables—right up there with Beyonce’s phone number and the power of flight.